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The Members

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Wadley, Eamon

United Kingdom

Postgrad student

  Waghorne, Mike France
financial union member
Now retired but formerly worked for Public Services International (PSI), the global union federation for public sector trade unions. Before that, worked for the New Zealand Public Service Association, NZ affiliate of PSI. Retains an interest in trade policy debates around the WTO, a former area of responsibility, as well as  a general interest in quality public services and the objectives of public sector unions.
Mike Waghorne
  Walivaara, Christer Sweden Exec Director, LO-TCO Secretariat of International Trade Union Development Co-operation  
  Walker, Steve United Kingdom Academic

Walton, Toby

United Kingdom University worker

Ward, Chris

Canada Editor
  Ware, Alan New Zealand
financial union member
Retired union organiser  

Watson, John

foundation union member
financial union member
Communications worker, builder, mechanic, caregiver, plumber, counselor, website developer, electrician and desktop publisher. Formerly communications worker for Public Services International, now working for the World Health Organisation and doing freelance work for the international union/NGO GAPS campaign and the global unions' HIV-Aids project.
John Watson

Weeks, Kathi

United States



Wells, Clare

New Zealand

Union policy advisor

  Wesenick, Katharina Germany
financial union member
Union organizer/campaigner

Whimp, Graeme

New Zealand

Unionist, PhD student

  White, James United States Unemployed  
  White, Steve United Kingdom Firefighter and Fire Brigades Union official from East London. Steve is also a keen musician (BBC Reading called him "Walthamstow's answer to Billy Bragg"), who plays with "The Protest Family". He has a self-penned entry in the New Unionism Network's Solidarity Idol song quest (more).

White, Whanau

New Zealand

Union education officer


Whitehouse, Robin


Construction worker


Whitley, Alan

New Zealand Corrections officer
  Wicks, Michael Canada Teacher  

Wilson, Hugh



  Wilson, Rand United States
financial union member
Union organizer / communications

Wilson, Tom

United Kingdom

Trade union official

  Wiltrack, Bill United States
financial union member
Bill has been a member of five different unions throughout his lifetime. Presently an active member and Trustee with the Sheet Metal Workers Local #33 in Cleveland, Ohio. He has attended the George Meany Center-National Labor College and has been on the Organizing Committee of his local union. Bill looks at organized labor in a different way; as strange as it sounds he regards it as a religion. This has led him to advocate for a new system of organizing -- organizing from the inside-out -- which he hopes may lead organized labor to a new wave of interest by members and friends alike.

Windelov, Keirsten

New Zealand

foundation union member

Trade union official, currently working with PSA in New Zealand, following work with Prospect in the UK. Prior to this she was a high school rep, a student rep, a teacher's rep, a parliamentary services staff rep, and a public services union rep. Along the way she obtained a law degree, which has been a help at times, and a fine sense of humour. In fact this network began with a joke she made.
  Windsor, Alan New Zealand Seafarer
  Wingborg, Mats Sweden Union journalist
  Wolff, Richard United States
financial union member

Professor of Economics and author of "Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism" (http://www.haymarketbooks.org/pb/Democracy-at-Work) and others. As well as public lectures, Prof Wolff has a weekly radio show on WBAI 99.5fm in New York (archive: http://www.democracyatwork.info/radio/)

Kirsten Windelov

Woodruff Jr, John

United States
financial union member
Union organizer

Woods, Oliver

New Zealand

Student / worker

  Woods, Tiffany Canada Process consultant, MA student  

Wratten, Paul

New Zealand
financial union member

Freelance technologist

  Wright, Chris United Kingdom Union researcher
  Wynne, Nyah United States Various  
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  Yaklin, Joshua United States Sudent / grocer

Yeadon, Stella


Union communicator

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Zavitz, Carol

Canada Union staff
  Zimmerman, Adrian

financial union member

  Zlateva, Violeta Bulgaria Philologist, Chairman of homeworkers' NGO  


Registered in Liberia

foundation union member

Agent provocateur. Zutalors (aka 'Dogenes') joined the New Unionism Network before our security procedures and initiation rituals were tightened up. As the only non-existent member, he/she/it is currently setting up a caucus to undermine our lack of structure. Please be very wary of anything this member has to say - Zutalors plays a devil's advocacy game, aimed at provoking maximum debate. You can contact The Secret Faction for the Non-Existent Internationale at: zutalors@newunionism.net
Only really yellow unions



* Voting rights are dependent on two conditions: confirmed identity and financial membership (by donation). If you cannot afford to make a donation we're happy to discuss other ways you can contribute... just contact volunteers@newunionism.net and we'll bounce around some ideas based on your skill set.

Although we usually give the name of the union to which our network member belongs, or for which they work, this should not be taken as an indication that this union endorses the network's principles. It should also be noted that there are some members who, for bona fide reasons of employment and/or personal security, have asked not to be included on this list. Where necessary we respect such requests.