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The Members

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  Taj, Shavanah United Kingdom National organiser
  Tarnongu, Captain Nickle Nigeria Union administrator

Taylor, Cheri


Union branch secretary

  Temple, Liz Australia
financial union member
Union organiser
  Teppett, Ross New Zealand
financial union member
National union educator

Thomas, Edward


Press operator

  Thompson, Glenn Australia Union official

Thompson, Kenneth

United Kingdom

Auxiliary nurse


Thorn, Lachlan


Union organiser

  Tidalgo, Hilda Veronica Philippines ILO worker

Tindling, Michelle

New Zealand Customer service rep
  Tirino, Ronald United States Educator

Tiwow, Marcus Wenas

Indonesia Unionist
  Todhunter, Dr Liz Australia Union research and policy officer
  Toff, Steven United States Labor activist / law student
  Towers, Ian Germany University teacher

Treadwell, Paul

New Zealand

IT worker


Treloar, Ian


Union organiser


Treen, Mike

New Zealand Union organiser

Tswaipe, Edward


University lecturer


Tubach, Linda

United States

Teacher and Director, Collective Bargaining Education Project

  Tuluk, Cevdet Germany Galvaniser
  Turner, Lowell United States Professor
  Tuyu, Sammuel Zambia Medical laboratory technician
  Twigg, Alex New Zealand
foundation union member
financial union member
bioWorks for the NZ Partnership Resource Centre. Has worked in employment relations as advocate, mediator and arbitrator, and worked previously in South Africa in the areas of human rights litigation and promoting alternative dispute resolution. Alex has a keen interest in contributing to the growing "alternative story" of designing processes that contribute to positive workplace culture change, as well as interest-based collective bargaining and joint problem solving techniques.
  Twyford, Conor New Zealand
financial union member
Union campaign director, 'Quality public services'
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  Uehlein, Joe United States Musician / Organizer
  V A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 
  Vaile, Vanessa United States Retired adjunct  
  van Barneveld, Kristin Australia Union employee
  van der Maas, Erin United Kingdom Industrial Coordinator / Researcher
  Vandaele, Kurt Belgium Union institute researcher  

Vandenberg, Andrew


University lecturer

  Vanderschaaf, Wouter Netherlands Teacher union staff member
  van Dongen, Jeanette Netherlands
financial union member
EU Works Council consultant and trainer
  van Keirsbilck, Felipe Belgium Union General Secretary
  Varga, Joseph United States Educator  

Vazquez, Guillermo

United States

Union organizer

  Vieta, Marcelo Canada Researcher and university teacher

Vithoulkas, Jean


Union writer




* Voting rights are dependent on two conditions: confirmed identity and financial membership (by donation). If you cannot afford to make a donation we're happy to discuss other ways you can contribute... just contact volunteers@newunionism.net and we'll bounce around some ideas based on your skill set.

Although we usually give the name of the union to which our network member belongs, or for which they work, this should not be taken as an indication that this union endorses the network's principles. It should also be noted that there are some members who, for bona fide reasons of employment and/or personal security, have asked not to be included on this list. Where necessary we respect such requests.

Although we are a network, with all the flexibility and informality this implies, we are also registered as a non-profit company. This step was taken simply and solely for administrative purposes... ie we had to do it in order to open a bank account and process donations etc. For the record, the legally-defined aims of the non-profit company are:
      A. To assist in rebuilding the union movement by promoting the principles of organizing, workplace democracy and internationalism;
      B. To provide international solidarity for working people, their families and trade unions in the form of donations and other assistance.