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The Members

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  Quedou, Dewan Mauritius President of Mauritius Trade Union Congress.
  Quinn, Jim Ireland
financial union member
Union organiser
  Quinn, Therese United States
financial union member
Associate professor
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  Rachleff, Peter United States Historian  

Radford, William

United States

Security officer


Raffo, Jeffrey

Germany Organizer

Raines, Ian

Japan Part time organizer  
  Raja, S.V. India General Secretary, Volvo Workers' Union

Rajani, Heenal

United Kingdom

Elected union officer

  Ramos-Carbone, Elsa Thailand Retired, formerly with ITUC, ILO and ICFTU  
  Ramsay, Bob Switzerland Union economist
  Rane, Suresh India Senior Technical Assistant

Rea, Sharon


Registered nurse


Rector, Matt



  Reidy, Owen Ireland Trade union organiser

Reithmuller, Ted


Retired; labour historian


Ribeiro, Rodrigo



  Richings, Susan Canada Social worker
  Rico, Robin United States Union legal secretary
  Ristela, Pekka Finland Trade union official
  Robb, Martha United States Union organizer

Rogers, Jon

United Kingdom

Union safety advisor

  Romsted, Larry United States
financial union member
Chemistry professor. Has also been involved with the Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War, People's Organization for Progress, WBAI/Pacfica activist, and Publish or Perish Academic

Rondeau, Kris

United States
foundation union member 
financial union member

The story of the HUCTW, and Kris's "relational organizing" approach, is an inspiring one. The union was built from the ground up by Harvard employees (Kris was a lab assistant). Leadership comes from members, who also negotiate contracts and work with management to address issues of policy and improve the working environment. HUCTW has broken new ground with tactics based on establishing relationships and common values, rather than focusing solely on “issues”. Kris and her team facilitated victories at the Universities of Minnesota and Illinois, and UMASS Medical Center and School, as well as seeding unions in the city of Cambridge and elsewhere.

Rooney, Joe

United Kingdom

TUC Academy organiser


Roper, Carl

United Kingdom

TUC organising director

  Ross, Christine New Zealand Union policy advisor
  Ross, Cilla United Kingdom Education worker
  Rostom, Mostafa Egypt Director of International Relations
  Roux, Renee South Africa Union Researcher

Rowley, Mike

United Kingdom

Research student (migrant workers)


Runstedler, Ailleen


Postal worker


Rush, Barbara

United Kingdom


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  Saeed, Haji Muhammad Saeed Arian Pakistan Founder/Secretary General of Pakistan Labour Federation (PLF) and World Asian Workers Organization (WAWO)
  Sampa, Chrispin Kennedy Zambia Clinician, Union President
  Santiago, Eduardo United States Pharmacy technician

Saunders, Shaun

United Kingdom

Trade union official


Sawant, Sharad


"Student of labour"


Saxberg, Barbara

Canada Journalist / labour educator
  Schaffner, Jay United States Retired union organizer

Schluter, Jodie


foundation union member

Helps organize young workers for the peak union body in South Australia. Also manages the U-Who? Young People and Unions project. Key roles are education, advocacy, networking, campaigning, building partnerships and resource development. Prior to this was as an organiser with the Australian Services Union, and also worked for a number of years as a youth worker, community educator and in the youth development. Experienced advocate, has also worked for a few years with multicultural communities.

Schmidt, Walter

United States

Woodworker and painter


Schnall, Peter

United States

Medical worker


Schnell, George


Trade union education worker

  Schulman, Joy United States Retiree

Schulz, Claudia


Public service trainee

  Schweickart, David

United States

financial union member

Professor of philosophy at Loyola University Chicago and the author of Against Capitalism (1993) and After Capitalism (2002, 2011), which make workplace democracy a central focus of a viable alternative to capitalism. Involved in supporting UNITE-HERE work to organize food service workers on campus and to secure living wage benefits for Chicago airport workers. Very interested in the role might unions play in the struggle for democratic workplaces and a democratic economy.
David Schweickart
  Scimone, Michael United States Lawyer  
  Scofield, Hetty United States Union staff rep
  Scott, Christina Australia Seafarer

See, John

United States Telecommunications coordinator
  Segal, Jeffrey United States  

Sehgal, Rakhi


Labour researcher

  Senalp, Orsan Netherlands Anti-capitalist union activist/researcher
  Shanks, Rachel United Kingdom Education researcher
  Sheard, Tim United States Hospital nurse, writer

Sheehy, Rob

Australia Union organiser
  Shell, Marie United States Performing artist
  Shindel, Len United States Union communications worker

Shostak, Arthur

United States

Professor (retired)

  Sibley, Destry United States Program coordinator  

Sibley, Peter


Company director

  Simms, Melanie United Kingdom Associate professor  

Simpson, Bob

United States

Web geek and cartoonist

  Sinclair, Jim Canada President, B.C. Federation of Labour
  Slaney, Claudia United States Special assistant

Smart, Paul

United Kingdom Mental health service team leader

Smith, Dave

Trinidad & Tobago

Union organiser


Smith, Paul

United Kingdom

foundation union member

London manager for Social Change Online. Specialist in union communications strategy and social change campaigns. Recent projects include www.usdaw.org.uk, winner of TUC's 2004 award for best website. Involved in innovative work such as setting up the first virtual union branch site as pilot for Unison. Provides online organising consultancy for TUC, and was keynote speaker at 2005 UNI global union communicators' conference in Washington.
Paul SMith
  Smith, Rick United States Union organizer

Smith, Susan

New Zealand

Social worker


Smyth, Louis

United Kingdom Teaching assistant
  Speigle, Ron United States Sheet metal worker
  Spencer, Susan United States Garment designer  
  Spooner, Dave United Kingdom Co-Director of the Global Labour Institute in the UK, part of a network of GLIs in Geneva and New York. Dave works with national unions and international federations to promote international organising, solidarity and political education. His background is in the international workers' education movement.
  Stack, Hal United States
financial union member

Stam, Eddy

financial union member
foundation union member
bioCurrently a policy advisor with the European Metalworkers' Federation. Has worked in unions for more than 17 years, and within the Dutch FNV bondgenoten union (NL) initiated the change of approach needed to build an organizing union for cleaners.  Current work involves supporting international workers' participation and TU coordination. A firm believer and practicer of renewal through organising and international cooperation.

Stanford, Jim


financial union member

bioAn economist with the Canadian Auto Workers union; writes regular economics column for the Globe and Mail.  Main interest is promoting economic literacy among unionists, so as to challenge dominant assumptions and ideologies that get passed off as the only choice in economics.  His new book Economics for Everyone comes with an on-line curriculum to assist unions in popular economics training for their members.

Steinhoff, Carolyn

United States

Writer, teacher


Stepp, Meredith

United States Labor education specialist
  Stevis, Dimitris United States
financial union member
Professor of politics

Stokes, Ken

New Zealand Union organiser
  Stokka, Ommund Norway Mechanic / union official
  Strebski, Piotr Poland Philosopher

Stroud, Sue

financial union member
Public service worker and member of the BCGEU. Chair of local 1701 and on the executive of Component 17, for which she is Women's Rights Chair. Member of the 'Cool Communities Campaign', helping organize organic gardening workshops for members. Sits on the Cross Component Committee of BCGEU and is rep at Victoria Labour Council. Has attended both BCGEU and BC Federation of Labour Conventions, speaking at the mikes and participating in committees. 30-year member of Amnesty International and regular writer on behalf of imprisoned union organizers. A member of the New Democratic Party of Canada and active in local community on civic and environmental issues.
  Struck, Emily Australia Organiser
  Sundgaard, Bo Denmark Organizer

Sutherland, Donald


National industrial officer


Sutherland, Steve


Local union president

  SV, Raja India General Secretary, Volvo Workers' Union  
  Swidler, Eva United States Contingent faculty

Syed, Pirzada Imtiaz


foundation union member

Secretary General of the All Pakistan Federation of United Trade Unions, and National Secretary of the Pakistan Brick Kiln Labour Union. Has worked for the Electricity Workers and Bone Crushing Industries Workers for 35 years, including a role as National Secretary. In September 2005 was elected Secretary General of the national alliance “Labour Unity”.

Syed, Zia


Union federation secretary

  Symonds, Lloyquita Bermuda Social worker



* Voting rights are dependent on two conditions: confirmed identity and financial membership (by donation). If you cannot afford to make a donation we're happy to discuss other ways you can contribute... just contact volunteers@newunionism.net and we'll bounce around some ideas based on your skill set.

Although we usually give the name of the union to which our network member belongs, or for which they work, this should not be taken as an indication that this union endorses the network's principles. It should also be noted that there are some members who, for bona fide reasons of employment and/or personal security, have asked not to be included on this list. Where necessary we respect such requests.

Although we are a network, with all the flexibility and informality this implies, we are also registered as a non-profit company. This step was taken simply and solely for administrative purposes... ie we had to do it in order to open a bank account and process donations etc. For the record, the legally-defined aims of the non-profit company are:
      A. To assist in rebuilding the union movement by promoting the principles of organizing, workplace democracy and internationalism;
      B. To provide international solidarity for working people, their families and trade unions in the form of donations and other assistance.