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The Members

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Kaboolian, Linda

United States Lecturer in public policy  
  Kadar, Zsuzsa Hungary Trainer in gender

Kansanen, Laura


foundation union member

Visual artist who has been involved in progressive groups and causes for years. Artistic advisor to the New Unionism project, helps review the website and publications as she awaits the second coming of Pippi Longstocking.
Laura Kansanen
  Karasa, Tawanda Australia
financial union member
Union organiser. Currently works for Together Queensland, Industrial Union of Employees and studying towards Certificate in Unionism and Industrial Relations (ACTU Organising Works). Has extensive experience in community development work in Zimbabwe and Australia . Actively involved in social and developmental leadership in Zimbabwe, mainly through efforts at uplifting the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children.
  Karumbidza, Blessing South Africa Social, economic, environmental and working class activist, researcher and writer.
Laura KansanenCRESI
  Kearney, Doug Canada Assistant Director, Union Field Service

Keil, Michael

Denmark Trade union tutor

Kelber, Harry

United States Labor journalist
  Kelly, Brian United Kingdom Union training officer
  Kelly, Jeff

United Kingdom
financial union member
foundation union member

Director, UK Partnership Institute (initially set up by TUC). Trainer/facilitator who leads workshops on partnerships and team working. Has been an active unionist for over 35 years and has represented members of several unions including TGWU (Unite) Amicus (Unite), GMB and the POA. Jeff believes that the way forward for industrial relations is partnership working, and that this is fundamental in improving working conditions and job security, as well as in sustaining a competitive organisation. Committed to delivering partnership that is both effective and sustainable.

Kelly, Linda

United Kingdom

foundation union member

Heads up the industrial relations team of the Ministry of Justice in the UK. Also associate and founding director of the UK Partnership Institute. Formerly a teacher, City broker, policy maker and personnel and training manager of the Labour Party. Pragmatist and consensus-builder, motivator and problem-solver. Membership of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, BEd (Hons) from Leeds and recognition as a Myers Briggs assessor. A director of the Training Standards Council, board member of the European TUC College, and council member of Employment NTO, plus other senior posts.
Linda Kelly
  Kelly, Peter Australia Union organiser

Kemp, Anna

Canada Co-op worker
Student union
  Kemp, Holly Australia Union organiser

Kempton, Paul

United Kingdom Welfare rights advocate, manager of unit

Kenny, Anna

New Zealand
financial union member
National postal and logistics organiser for the NZ Engineering, Printing and Manufacturers' Union. Also a singer-songwriter in the award winning union choir: Choir Choir Pants on Fire.

Keogh, Josh

United States Bicycle mechanic

Kerbel, Jeremy

  Kidd, David Canada Elected union leader

Kirkham, John

United Kingdom

foundation union member

Works with The Work Foundation (formerly The Industrial Society), a UK-based organisation of which the TUC and UNISON are partners, dedicated to improving the quality of working lives. Coach, facilitator and negotiator. Firmly believes that all people have a valuable contribution to make to the world of work, and that it is the challenge of management to harness this collective experience for the benefit of all stakeholders in an organisation.
John Kirkham

Kirwan, Gary

United Kingdom Full time trade union official

Klingzell-Brulin, Malin

Sweden Editor

Kloosterboer, Dirk

financial union member

dirk kloosterboerUnion policy advisor / researcher. Wrote "Innovative Trade Union Strategies" for the Netherlands Trade Union Confederation FNV: a booklet on creative union responses to changes in international labour relations and production. Also runs the exceptional Union Renewal blog.
  Koczera, Peter United States Organizer

Koletsis, George


foundation union member
financial union member

Starting out as a metal-worker, has been a political activist, union organiser and education worker for most of his life. Worked mainly in Australia, Romania, and around Eastern Europe, with stints as a project manager and contract consultant for the ILO and other international organisations. A committed socialist with an outspoken sense of humour and a natural egalitarianism... cuts through bureaucracy like a chainsaw on methedrine through margarine.
  Kose, Riza Turkey Trade union officer
  Krinock, Ronald United States Displaced worker
  Kun, Julie Australia
financial union member
Industrial officer
  Kvist Olsen, Rune Norway Workplace designer  
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  La Botz, Dan United States Teacher
  Lafreniere, Dan Canada University administrator, union steward
  Lai, Rex United States Organization development consultant, ex union organizer

Laird, George

New Zealand Union education organiser

Lambert, Denyse

Canada Respectful workplace trainer
  Lampousaki, Sofia Greece
foundation union member
Lawyer, researcher

Landsbergis, Paul

United States Professor / labour educator

Larche, Jean-Pierre

Canada Communications worker

Larsen, Jennifer

United States Senior research technician  
  Larson, Wade United States Security

Law, Michael

New Zealand University lecturer in labour studies

Lawal, Faisal Dimeji

United Kingdom NHS healthcare assistant

Le Blanc, Ida

Trinidad & Tobago Union leader

Leary, Chris

United Kingdom Union convenor
  Leary, Elly United States
financial union member
Retired autoworker  

Lebans, Gayle

Canada Union organizer

Lee, Adam

United States Union officer

Lee, Amy

Australia Industrial officer/ employment lawyer

Leitch, Richard

United Kingdom Civil servant
  Lenchner, Charles United States Organizer, New Organizing Institute  

Lenihan, Denis

United Kingdom
financial union member
Trade union official
  Leong, Apo Hong Kong, China Research and advocacy work on labour rights  
  Lewis, John Canada Youth worker
  Lillies, Philip Canada
financial union member
Union auditor

Little, Andrew

New Zealand

foundation union member

National Secretary of NZ's largest private sector union, the Amalgamated Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union, since 2000. EPMU has members in 10 industries, from cleaners to clerical workers to the highest-skilled trades people. Qualified lawyer and former national student president. Sits on many boards and organisations. Has led the union through a process of consolidation and modernisation, and helped develop a strategic approach in industrial relations.

Littlewood, Stephen

Australia Union organiser
  Lockwood, Angie United States Admin assistant
  Loggie, Doug Australia Union educator

Lombardi, Gerald

United States Researcher  

Long, Colin

Australia Researcher

Lozanski, Laura

Canada Occupational health and safety officer

Lynch, Eddie

Ireland Taxi driver, union branch secretary
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  Mackovic, Zoran Slovenia Electrical technician
  MacMillan, Leanne Canada Union researcher / lawyer

Maher, Samantha

United Kingdom NGO campaigner
  Mahmood, Khalid Pakistan Director of the Labour Education Foundation in Pakistan. LEF is a trade union-based NGO working for organizing and educating workers in both the formal and informal sectors. LEF assists groups to build their capacity and become an effective part of labour movement in Pakistan.
Khalid Mahmood

Malone, Geraldine

Ireland Union organiser
  Malunes, Sammy Philippines Multisectoral labor leader and organizer
  Mamlock, Rolf Germany Postal worker

Manborde, Ian

United Kingdom Teacher

Mannion, Martin

Ireland Union organiser

Marasco, Brigid

Australia Union communications officer
  Margolies, Ken United States Senior Associate at the newly created Worker Institute at Cornell, part of the Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations. He has been on the staff of four unions: SEIU, the Association of Flight Attendants, CWA and the Teamsters. Has also been a steward in a union staff union as well as an Organizing and Education Director, with management responsibilities.

Mark, Monica

Canada Union support worker
  Marshall, Howard United Kingdom Civil servant
  Martens, George United States Former Director of the ICFTU Trade Union and Human Rights Department, now retired  
  Martin, Brendan United Kingdom Social entrepreneur. Managing director of Public World, which works to improve public services through workplace democracy.  

Martin, Pete

United Kingdom Union tutor and organiser

Maso, Thobile

South Africa

foundation union member

A trade unionist since before the end of the apartheid era, helped establish the Post and Telecommunication Workers Association in 1986. Amandla nga wethu yebasebenzi, basebenzi masimanyane. Currently co-ordinates education in the South African Municipal Workers' Union. Well-known workers' poet, lately has been setting some of his poems to music.

Mason, Rob

United Kingdom University lecturer
  Massiah, Sandra Barbados PSI Sub-regional Secretary for the Caribbean

Matthews, Peter

Australia Retired / community work  
  Mattos, Edward United States Ironworker
  Mawson, Stephanie Australia Union researcher

May, Maggie

Australia Union organiser
  Mbatia, Tfosa Wangui Kenya Civil rights advocate

McCarten, Matt

New Zealand Union official

McCarthy, Mary

Canada Union staff
  McCarthy, Nick United Kingdom
financial union member
Union campaigns director

McGarry, Alison

United Kingdom Trade union officer 

McIntosh, Alex

Australia Organiser

McKeown, Andrew

Australia Organiser
  McKnight, David Wales
financial union member
Community Development Worker

McLauchlan, Ruth

United States
financial union member
Quality assurance consultant
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McLean, Greg

foundation union member
financial union member

Assistant National Secretary of the Australian Services Union, responsible for public services, state and local government, water/energy utilities and public transport. Extensive experience in public sector reform. Has campaigned widely against privatisation, both nationally and internationally. Holds post-graduate qualifications in Industrial Relations and was a rank and file member before becoming involved in union work.

McLeod, Georgina

New Zealand National union policy advisor - health sector
  McMahon, Nancy United States College faculty

McNally, Michael

Australia Union organiser
  Meldrum, Heather Scotland Organiser  
  Melton, Yvonne United States Operator
  Mengessha, Zerihun Alemu Ethiopia General secretary
  Middleton, Ben United Kingdom Union negotiations officer

Milburn, Tom

United Kingdom Trade union staff
  Miller, Mike United States Community organizer  

Miller, Polly

New Zealand

foundation union member

Polly worked for the New Zealand Public Services Association for two years, having been a delegate for two years before this, and then moved to the UK where she worked for three years with UK unions NUT and UNISON, followed by a stint with the UK Partnership Institute.

Milligan, Joanne

United Kingdom Public affairs advocate

Mitchell, Stephany

New Zealand Union organiser and educator

Moase, Godfrey

Australia Union organiser

Moore, Clancy

Australia Union organiser

Mohle, Beth

Australia Union assistant secretary
  Molina, Frank United States Researcher
  Moller, Kirsten Denmark Project coordinator
  Moly, Yumiko Australia Student
  Montgomery, Chai United States School bus driver / steward
  Moodliar, Suren United States Non-profit employee  
  More, Abhijit


foundation union member

As a doctor and social activist in India, is involved in various campaigns like campaign for patient's rights and for universal access to healthcare and social security.
Abhijit More
  Moreland, Chuck United States Information technology worker

Morgan, Brian

United Kingdom Care manager
  Morgan, Robert Wales Organiser
  Moro, Piergiorgio Australia Community worker
  Morse, Brian United States Union researcher
  Moser, Richard United States
financial union member
foundation union member

Has been an organizer in higher education for the last decade or so.  All told he has some 35 years of experience in the peace, labor, and student movements including earlier stints as a full-time community organizer and labor organizer. Earned his Ph.D. from Rutgers in 1992. Author of The New Winter Soldiers: GI and Veteran Dissent During the Vietnam Era, and co-editor of The World the Sixties Made: Politics and Culture in Recent America. National Field Rep for AAUP from '98 to '04 and first chair of Campus Equity Week. Currently Senior Staff Rep at the Rutgers AAUP-AFT specializing in membership recruitment and issues relating to contingent faculty. He is a member of  CWA local 1032.

  Mosgrove, Ryan United States Chef  
  Mosothoane, Tebogo South Africa Union president

Mountford, Sean

Australia Union organiser

Mpendu, Zett

South Africa Union organiser

Mpoza, Mbali

South Africa Manufacturing worker

Mukoya, Kent

Kenya Corporate planner, labour NGO

Mullen, Tony


foundation union member

Worked for Australian Education Union since 1990; first as an organiser, now as an educator. Describes his work as a struggle to move the organisation from a servicing to an organising culture, and from rhetoric to reality. Facilitates industrial education for members in schools and vocational colleges, focusing on rights, representation and organizing, plus modules such as occupational safety and health.

Mulready, Pamela

Australia Educator

Munger, Joseph

United States Crane operator

Murphy, Alice

Australia Trade union official
  Murray, Gregor Canada University teacher and researcher
  Mustill, Edd United Kingdom Researcher, LabourStart
  Myers, Richard United States Unemployed



* Voting rights are dependent on two conditions: confirmed identity and financial membership (by donation). If you cannot afford to make a donation we're happy to discuss other ways you can contribute... just contact volunteers@newunionism.net and we'll bounce around some ideas based on your skill set.

Although we usually give the name of the union to which our network member belongs, or for which they work, this should not be taken as an indication that this union endorses the network's principles. It should also be noted that there are some members who, for bona fide reasons of employment and/or personal security, have asked not to be included on this list. Where necessary we respect such requests.

Although we are a network, with all the flexibility and informality this implies, we are also registered as a non-profit company. This step was taken simply and solely for administrative purposes... ie we had to do it in order to open a bank account and process donations etc. For the record, the legally-defined aims of the non-profit company are:
      A. To assist in rebuilding the union movement by promoting the principles of organizing, workplace democracy and internationalism;
      B. To provide international solidarity for working people, their families and trade unions in the form of donations and other assistance.