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  Abbas, Ghulam Pakistan Student  
  Abrahams, Marshall United Kingdom Involved in mapping and research for the purposes of union organising, patricular of the Global Delivery Sector.

Adam, Megan

Canada Communications worker  
  Adams, Roy


foundation union member

roy adamsFormer professor of industrial relations, with specialities in international and comparative IR and international labour rights. Founding member and chair of the Society for the Promotion of Human Rights in Employment. Member of the International Labour Rights Commission. Works with unions to promote recognition of labour rights as human rights, especially with regards collective bargaining.
Roy Adams
  Addai-Poku, Christian Ghana Teacher
  Adhikari, Sharad
Nepal Civil servant
  Adiv, Assaf Israel Union national coordinator

Aguirre, Rosalinda

United States Union organizer
  Ahmed, Scarlett United States Government employee - state labor department
  Aitken, Kevin


New Zealand

foundation union member

Union organiser for the last 12 years, and delegate for 5 before that. Spent time with unions in Australia's building, construction and mining industries, then training in the Australian variant of the organising model. Worked with the EPMU and AUS in New Zealand, using concepts of social capital and helping develop "relational organizing". Currently with MCWU.

Kevin Aitken

  Albert, Michael United States Publisher and co-ordinator of the left wing network ZNet. Also author of "Parecon: Life after Capitalism" and "Realizing Hope". Michael has worked (with participation from others) to develop the alternative economic and social models known as Parecon (Participatory Economics) and Parsoc (Participatory Society).
Michael Albert

Ali, Zulfaqir

Pakistan Union information secretary
  Alioti, Gianni Italy Union worker
  Alzaga, Valerie The Netherlands Organizing campaign coordinator

Anderson, Don

New Zealand
foundation union member
financial union member
Independent IT consultant, former international co-ordinator of the Association of Progressive Communications (APC), co-developer of SafeSpace™, founding member and former Chairperson of PlaNet Internet, developer of Younionize (http://younionize.info) and Converge (http://www.converge.org.nz), among many other projects for the NGO sector and non-profit organisations.  
  Anderson, Jeremy United Kingdom Union researcher
  Anderson, Shanti New Zealand Casual worker  
  Andrews, Natasha

United Kingdom
financial union member
foundation union member

Natasha runs our FaceBook group. She has been a shop steward, branch chair, young members' rep, communications officer, and vice chair of the National Young Members' Forum. Also activist for age and minimum wage issues, and union negotiator for NATFHE and TGWU. Currently researcher and seminar leader at the University of Kent, teaching industrial relations, including labour law. Working on a project concerning women and management across professions in Kent, studying effects of training, networks and mentoring on the ‘glass ceiling’.

Natasha Andrews


Angel, Ron

New Zealand Union organiser
  Angell, Richard United Kingdom Parliamentary and Equalities Manager leading the organisations liaison with the Labour Party, MPs, Minister and Civil Servants, as well co-ordinating the union's Equalities Agenda.
  Anshumali, Amit

United States Student  
  Aparre, Feliciano Philippines Plumber and union president
  Arachchige, Magadhee Sri Lanka Executive, ICCSE
  Arlofelt, Brian Denmark Union organizer
  Armitage, Christine


United Kingdom

foundation union member

Director of the UK Partnership Institute, set up by and still linked to national union body, the TUC. The Institute works to build worker participation and influence at enterprise level, and has done pioneering worked with major organisations in the UK and internationally including HBOS, Dfid, the Cabinet Office, the Home Office and Carlsberg. The case studies section of our Online Library contains examples of this work.
Christine Armitage
  Arslanoglu, Asalettin Turkey Unionist  
  Asomugha, Chibuzo Nigeria Teacher
  Astolfi, Drew United States Community organizer  
  Atia, Atia Saleem Pakistan First women President of Pakistan Transport Workers' Federation (PLF in Pakistan)

Atkinson, Margaret

Australia Union documentalist

Atleson, James

United States Professor of international & US labor law

Arreola, Valentina

United States Registered nurse

Austen, Jane

Australia Union campaigner

Azam, Zia Ullah

Pakistan Union general secretary


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Babcock, Ian

Canada University administrator

Badhesha, Hardeep

Australia Train guard

Baker, Stephen

Australia Union organiser

Bainger, Wendy

Australia Community development worker

Ball, Matt

United Kingdom Director of Unions21

Ballantyne, Morna

Canada Director of union education
  Ballinger, Jeff United States Currently completing a Ph. D. fellowship at McMaster University in Ontario. It was awarded on the basis of work in labor rights research and advocacy – three decades evenly split between America and Asia. Has a juris doctor degree from NY Law School. Early in the 1990s, founded the consumer information organization, Press for Change. Using research done in Indonesia, this NGO was among the first to build the anti-sweatshop movement, mainly in the U.S., Europe and Australia. In 2007-8, Jeff taught International Industrial Relations (both grad and undergrad) at Webster University in Vienna.
Jeff Ballinger
  Barker, Sarah New Zealand Organiser

Batchelor, Scott

Australia Union official
  Baxter, David Scotland Bus driver
  Beeman, Mindy United States Cable splicing technician

Beley, Markian

Canada Accountant  

Bellairs, Mick

Australia Union organiser
  Benet, Bill United States Educator/researcher/activist
  Benner, Chris United States Professor  

Bernard, Elaine

United States Labor educator

Bernstein, Paul

United States
financial union member
Researcher and writer on workplace democracy
  Berry, Joe United States
financial union member
Labor educator and organizer
  Berthelette, Eric United States Master journeyman plumber
  Bibby, Andrew United Kingdom Writer, labour journalist
  Billott, Victor New Zealand Union communications officer
  Bird, Annie United Kingdom Machine operative

Bishop, Shawn

Canada Housekeeper
  Blackadder, Derek

foundation union member
financial union member
Has worked with the Canadian Union of Public Employees and one of its predecessors since 1989. Before that was active in unions for about 10 years. Worked as an organizer (recruiting new members), an executive assistant, and with for most of his time with CUPE as as servicing representative. Also works towards greater international solidarity between workers and unions through his work in a labour-friendly NGO, and is a senior correspondent with LabourStart.

Derek Blackadder

  Blackmore, Glenn Australia Union organiser
  Blackshaw, Liz United Kingdom Director, TUC Organising Academy
GMB, UCU, Unison
  Blum, Ron United States Freelancer
  Blum, Rye United States Community organizer  

Bolster, Pat

New Zealand
financial union member
National union official

Bousquet, Marc

United States Professor and union national councilor

Boyle, Kevin

United States
financial union member
  Bradley, Steve New Zealand
financial union member
Retired union official

Brandon, Cherie

Australia Union organiser
  Brasch, Walter United States Journalist / activist
  Brault, David Canada Private sector teacher
  Breen, Roy United States
financial union member
Boiler operator

Brelsford, Emma

Australia Union organiser

Briskin, Linda



Brisebois, Luc


Local union president, social worker
  Bristow, David New Zealand Educator, organiser
  Broad, George New Zealand Retired union activist  
  Bronfenbrenner, Kate United States peter hall-jonesTeacher/researcher at Cornell University in the area of union and employer strategies in organizing and bargaining in the global economy. Particularly interested in cross-borders strategies involving unions and NGOs to take on transnational firms and neoliberal supranational bodies such as the WTO, World Bank, IMF etc, that have set the rules that are forcing the race to the bottom worldwide. All work looks at issues of race, gender, and class. Also trains undergraduates in labor research skills so they learn about about corporate power and union strategy, and hopefully get inspired to work with the labor movement or other social justice organizations.

Brown, Karen

Australia Researcher

Brown, Pamela

Canada Union office manager
  Brown, Tony Australia
financial union member

Teacher and researcher, interests centre on adult education and learning especially as applied to social movements including unions, advocacy and activist organisations. Developed a research agenda around Popular Education, Activism & Organising, and commissioned research projects with three national trade unions. Completed his doctorate in 2002 on Australian trade unions' role in training reform and restructuring in the 1980s and 1990s, and since then has published widely in the field.

Brulin, Gunnar

Sweden Union journalist
  Bullock, Doug United States County legislator

Buchanan, Andrea

Australia Union organiser
  Buchanan, Margaret Australia
financial union member
Union organiser

Budiarti, Indah

Indonesia Union organizing and communications

Bulley, Craig

Australia Radio producer
  Butler, Valerie Australia Union organiser

Butterworth, Jamie

Australia IT specialist
  Buyukakan, Ismail United Kingdom Shop assistant, researcher





Cabrera, Legna

United States Assistant Director of Labor Programs
  Cameron, Kirsten Australia Public servant

Campbell Eagles, Lian

Australia Education administration
  Can, Ilhan Colombia NGO worker

Canel, Tom

United States Union organizer

Cardino, Rafael

Philippines Teller
  Carpenter, Tim United States Organizer  
  Chandler-Mills, Dean


New Zealand

foundation union member

45 years in the union movement and still smiling. Began as a clerical union delegate in Tubemakers of Australia, and went on to organise workers in local government, theatre, electrical work, and, for the last sixteen years, public services in New Zealand. Has particular experience in local government and uniformed services.

Dean Chandler-Mills


Carpenter, Jeanne

United States Organizer

Carr, Russell

United Kingdom Gallery assistant

Carruthers, Linda

Australia Union research and education
  Cavalluzzo, James Canada Community social worker/union officer
  Chelliah, Lalitha Australia Nurse
  Chinguno, Crispen Zimbabwe Trade union activist and researcher whose interests are social movements and revolutions, trade unionism, strikes, the sociology of violence, working class consciousness, violence/power, working class agency, globalisation and global governance, work restructuring and labour flexibility.
  Chiong, Victor Philippines Union organizer
  Chislett, Paul Canada Retired, student, social justice radio show host  
  Chitty, Ben United States Librarian

Choi, Hae-Lin

Germany Union researcher

Clark, Dawn

United Kingdom Trade union officer
  Clarke, Jack United Kingdom Union researcher - Organising and Leverage
  Cochrane, Paul


New Zealand

foundation union member

Began work as a public servant in 1983, became union delegate, then officer for the New Zealand Public Services Association (PSA). Worked with the union for the next twenty years, the last five spent as National Secretary. Headed PSA's organisational development, as the union developed a workplace-centred partnership strategy. Since then membership has grown strongly, with the increase now totaling almost 50%. In 2005 left to do independent work on organisational development, focusing on participative approaches to strategy-building.
  Coey, Ken


United Kingdom

foundation union member

Over 25 years experience in coaching individuals and teams to achieve improved cooperation and performance. He has worked in the UK, New Zealand and Sweden. Currently based in the UK, he and his colleagues in VillmanCoey (Sweden) have worked with the union movement (and others) on developing teamwork and shared goals at both national and international level.
Ken Coey
  Cohen, Bruce United States College professor
  Cohen, David United States
financial union member
Retired union rep
  Cohen, Seth United States Teacher
  Colbath-Hess, Chris United States Teachers' union president
  Cole, Sarah New Zealand Union organiser
  Conle, Fritz United States Organizer
  Conway, M. Quentin New Zealand Public servant  
  Cook, John United Kingdom Civil servant

Cooper, Trish

Australia Union official

Cormier, Chris

Canada Child and youth worker
  Cornine, Robert United States Organizer
  Corral, Bobet Philippines Researcher  

Costello, Peggy

United States Pipe fitter

Cowling, Terry

United Kingdom Gallery supervisor
  Cradden, Conor

financial union member
foundation union member

conor craddenThe mastermind behind New Unionism's excellent Twitter feed. Conor is an independent researcher working in labour movement theory, industrial relations, the sociology of work and business ethics. Was formerly head of research at the AUT and branch secretary of TGWU. Now works mainly with global union federations and labour-oriented NGOs, and has recently published a book looking at the relationship between corporate behaviour and workplace democracy. PhD was awarded by the European University Institute in Italy.
Conor Cradden
  Craig, Steve United Kingdom National project worker

Cross, Paul

United Kingdom Trade union organiser

Crowther, Rob

United Kingdom Trade union organiser
  Cull, Tyler United States Electrician

Cullinan, Josh

Australia Union organiser

Curtis, Peter

Australia Educator



* Voting rights are dependent on two conditions: confirmed identity and financial membership (by donation). If you cannot afford to make a donation we're happy to discuss other ways you can contribute... just contact volunteers@newunionism.net and we'll bounce around some ideas based on your skill set.

Although we usually give the name of the union to which our network member belongs, or for which they work, this should not be taken as an indication that this union endorses the network's principles. It should also be noted that there are some members who, for bona fide reasons of employment and/or personal security, have asked not to be included on this list. Where necessary we respect such requests.

Although we are a network, with all the flexibility and informality this implies, we are also registered as a non-profit company. This step was taken simply and solely for administrative purposes... ie we had to do it in order to open a bank account and process donations etc. For the record, the legally-defined aims of the non-profit company are:
      A. To assist in rebuilding the union movement by promoting the principles of organizing, workplace democracy and internationalism;
      B. To provide international solidarity for working people, their families and trade unions in the form of donations and other assistance.