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Want to support our work?

There are three kinds of support we really need: membership numbers, participation and donations. If you like what we're doing, please express your support in whichever way suits you best!

JOIN US — Without members contributing their thoughts and experiences and a bit of money here and there, we're nothing. Financial members take part in online meetings and set the direction of the network. If you become a member we can also help publish your work (subject to a few guidelines). So — please consider yourself heartily invited to join us! Or, if you're already a member — make a one-off donation equivalent to 3 hours pay (at your usual net rate) to become a lifetime member. Just click the button above to make it all happen.

PARTICIPATE — Networking, online work, strategic planning, data maintenance, article writing, organizing and fund-raising... that's a rare mix of skills. Can you help us with any of these things? Any help you can provide will be treated as a donation, so this means you become a financial member as well. If you want to participate please contact us with your ideas and suggestions — email communications@newunionism.net and we'll bounce some ideas around.

DONATE — Our membership of about 1000 means we usually get by on a year-to-year basis (with annual costs of about $US1000), although sometimes the volunteers have to dip into their own pockets. Our immediate goal is to gather funds to promote the network and build membership to 2000. At that point, we'd like to discuss hosting an international meeting of members in the real world. Until that time, we will continue to make the most of virtual reality.